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    About Sunita Singad
  Sunita Singad
  India’s first qualified Angel Therapy Practitioner (certified by Doreen Virtue in 2005)
  "Being intuitive and very aware of angels, guides & ascended masters was a blessing I had since childhood"
Sunita Singad began her career as a flight attendant with a highly reputed airline. She had her calling in life to help people.

She has had her share of challenges, and like most, almost always managed to heal these issues on the surface; yet, with time the wounds surfaced at regular intervals. It was no coincidence when on one of her trips a friend gifted her, a book on Angels. This was the turning point in her life. Reading thorough the book she slowly began to see the significance of many of the happenings in her life and how the Angels had Always been by her side and continuously trying to communicate with her. Through her limited knowledge she began communicating with her Guardian Angels and Archangel Michael. Very quickly her childhood gift of being a psychic began resurfacing.

In May 2005, her Angels guided her to begin her journey of enlightenment with Dr.Doreen Virtue. She was blessed with being the First Angel Therapy Practionner in India. She went on to meet with Jayn Lee Miller from the Academy of Angel Healing in the United Kingdom and got trained to Manifest with Archangel Michael. Rituals have always fascinated her and hence she learnt the magic of rituals with Dishna Parmar from Angel Sourced Holistic Academy, once again in the United Kingdom.

In the recent past, she successfully completed with Gay and Katie Hendricks a unique style of whole body, mind and breath coaching certification from the USA making her the First Indian to bring this work here, Her thirst for helping people in healing emotional issues with the power of the mind guided her to qualify with Louise Hay teachers training in the United Kingdom from Patricia Crane. The journey of her personal evolution in the spiritual space continues as she continues to look for more ways in which she is able to feed her restlessness to help people achieve their goals.

Today Sunita Singad conducts her own workshops that address various aspects of our own evolution. She has developed her own unique empowering style a powerful combination of her own learning through time tested methods that have benefited thousands from across the globe. She continues to customize and take her workshop wherever her callings come from, be it individuals, institutes or industries.

In an added effort to reach out to people, she and her husband Rustam have put together their Angelic Journey in their first published book titled ‘A WALK WITH THE ANGELS’. This co-authored book helps you with simple guided steps to connect to your Angelic Realm. Along with the book, also released was an ‘ANGELIC DECK OF ORACLE CARDS’ and ‘CRYSTAL DECK OF ORACLE CARDS'. It was just a matter of time before she released to the world her special deck of ‘AFFIRMATION CARDS’ 
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