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    About Rustam Joseph
  Rustam Joseph
  There Is a Cycle And Interconnectivity Between The Big 3 (Karma, Destiny and Freewill)
  ( excerpt from his book 'A WALK WITH THE ANGELS' )
Rustam has innumerable successful experiences with the power of MIND. He has empowered many individuals to lead a prosperous life.

Esoteric sciences have always intrigued him; he shares a Divine Angelic Visitation he experienced on a pilgrimage in his book

He incorporates NLP old and new code in his Personal Life Coaching sessions and empowering workshops. He added a lot of valuable tools to his knowledge bank by attending the NLP Practionner Certification Programme (Old and New Code NLP) from the co-creator of NLP, John Grinder.

His years of expertise in Personal Life Coaching has some phenomenal successful results.

Rustam has always been intrigued with numbers and uses Numerology and Crystals as added tools to guide you with clarity.

Together with Sunita he has released a book titled 'A WALK WITH THE ANGELS' along with a DECK OF ANGEL ORACLE CARD and another on 'CRYSTAL ORACLE CARD'.

"This divine knowledge is for sharing and this is something that Sunita and I have always believed whilst facilitating our workshops. We feel that these workshops are our chance to Pay It Forward."

In an added effort to reach out to people, together with his wife have co-authored their Angelic Journey in their first published book titled 'A WALK WITH THE ANGELS'. This co-authored book helps you with simple guided steps to connect to your Angelic Realm. Along with the book, also released was an ‘ANGELIC DECK OF ORACLE CARDS’ and ‘CRYSTAL DECK OF ORACLE CARDS’.
  LIFE PURPOSE! KARMIC LESSONS! Discover your own deeper purpose
  Have you wondered about these mystic realities of LIFE

Rustam guides you to understand YOUR PRIMARY PURPOSE and you also are guided with your lucky numbers and auspicious days and more importantly the life defining cycles

Knowing your Life purpose brings clarity in goals and focus by helping you choose the right direction

Know why you have to face certain situations repeatedly by knowing your KARMIC LESSONS and take charge of it.

Overcome the CHALLENGES in all sprees of your life by understanding the core of where and why they are originating.

You will be guided to use CRYSTALS on your self and around you for desired results emotionally, personally and professionally.
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