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 Hetal Mehta
Thank you so much for bringing this valuable gift of feeling the joy through helping others manifest that which is for their highest good. I am feeling completely elevated and joyful, Ofcourse with its sense of responsibility to carry this work forward. This works that in which you believe so greatly and have put in your years of work and faith. And now you have entrusted within me the possibility to carry it forward. The experience was amazing; i have been celebrating and letting everyone know about the same. The way you have enlightened me is so complete.
   Lai Durve
The most beautiful part of this training is my Sunita who is so insignificant about herself and her knowledge, which made me know how significant I am about everything. Training went with a flow of realizations, clarity, practice, mistakes, laughter and blessings with some innocence. 

These 2 days were about a shift in my being and again connecting to my power with Archangel Michael' blessings.

Divine rituals with angels

I don't think I can thank all the Archangels, Ascended Masters & you enough for the absolute miracle that happened on Thursday, 3rd Feb'11.

I used to work in the media for  a publication house till way back in 2001. The company was at that point going through very rough financial constraints & the employees were not getting their salary on time. When I left he organisation the company owed me real lump sum of money. After many a follow up they paid up most of it but an amount Rs37,000 remained unpaid. I had been following up with them for the last 3 years but in vain. Finally I wrote it off as off bad debt.

On 3rd Feb'2011, I did the prosperity ritual at sunset. within 2 hours of my doing it My husband returned from work with a beaming smile & in a booming voice asked me whether I had done the prosperity ritual. When I nodded in the affirmative, he told me "Do you want to see how the angels have manifested for you?" He took out an envelope which had just come by courier & guess what it contained- A cheque for Rs 10,000 from my ex company- the same money which I had written off. And that was not all, within 15-20 minutes of this my ex-boss called me up to tell me that the remaining Rs 27,000 is being sent soon. Can you just believe this Sunita dear?

I humbly bow down to all The Archangels, Ascended Masters & all the Love & Light beings For all the Abundance of Love, Grace, Forgiveness, Divinity, Divine experiences,Guidance, the messages from the angelic realm, the claires that have opened up, the prosperity, the financial abundance, the most loving soul mate, my daughter,family, friends, boss, career, my husband's career, great peace, health & happiness & all the success in all my endeavors  that are being showered on my family & me & So it is. ...Amen!!! 

I am extremely honoured to have been your student &  indebted to you dear Sunita, for being an absolute angel & entertaining all the phone calls I made to clear my doubts just before i started this Divine Ritual.

I am extremely honoured to have been your student &  indebted to you dear Sunita, for being an absolute angel & entertaining all the phone calls I made to clear my doubts just before i started this Divine Ritual.

Thank you once again dearie for everything.

   Divya Sharan
 Angel communication workshop

My journey with the angels has truly been a magical one. The workshop on“Communicating with the angels” with sunita, has opened a new dimension for me to explore and has given me a different perspective, to look at things and react to them. Now when I speak out my problems to the god I know that his messengers, my dear angels are sent by him immediately, to guide me and take control of the situation, validation of which I’ve got many a times when I was in doubt. 

Once I was going out for an important meeting with someone that I’m not very comfortable with, so I asked for extra protection from Archangel Michael. As I was a bit nervous about the whole situation so I closed my eyes for a fraction of a second

(I was driving my car then) and asked Michael for a validation that he was indeed with me. The moment I opened my eyes I was delighted as well as amazed to see that 90% of the vehicles on the road were violet or blue in colour. Not just that, 90% of the people I saw, (till I reached the meeting venue), were also wearing blue/violet. I couldn’t control my tears when i saw myself surrounded by his protective colour and thanked my dear Archangel Michael for taking care of me.

Angels were with me even before I could realize or feel their presence in my life, but to be able to see them and talk to them like a friend, who I know would solve all my problems, is a divine experience that I now cherish almost each day of my life. Thanks to the life changing ‘Angel Communication workshop'that my angels guided me to do with Sunita.

   Shalini Gaba
Journey towards completion

“There is great beauty in going through Life without anxiety or fear, half our fears are baseless andother half discreditable”-Christian Nestell Bovee“Heal your relationship with your father and you would heal the relationship with your soul mate.”  When these words hit me in a psychic angel reading with Sunita, I could hear it but assimilation at thatpoint was beyond my understanding or courage. The workshop surprised me with the techniques used and there was also a surprise in store for me.  I was soon wondering, 'This is not me. Is this really me?'The exercises taught were simple and beautiful. I could paue to implement them and then feel a huge difference not only during the 3 days of the workshop but in the weeks to come. The easy approach stirred my soul. Life begins when you want it to begin, and now those powerful exercises are a part of my daily ritual, like brushing my teeth in the morning or praying.I started with analyzing one pattern in my life but with Sunita’s help there were so many other phases inmy life which also began to heal.The workshop has given me immense belief in myself and was a big help me in equipping me to deal with and handle so many aspects of my everydaylife. The process is ongoing and the learning’s are new, however my approach has changed. I have become easy with my everyday which offers me enough opportunities to now relax and approach. I have also begin to heal my relationship with my father and in the process it has also taught me to become a more responsible parent.I am yet to discover the soul mate in my lifethough, but I am confident that now in the wholesome healingprocess which has begun for me, many gifts will be revealed.A journey towards completion is for me, a journey towards a new beginning in my life.“When the student is ready the teacher appears. Not a moment before and not a moment later.Youneed to trust in the perfection of life, and know that everything is in the divine order at all timesLouise L HayThank You Sunita as This workshop has definitely helped me tread towards “Conscious Living
   Poornima Dayal
Divine rituals with angels

Life is indeed wonderful, but sometimes we tend to get lost somewhere in the midst of this vast and beautiful ocean.The Divine Rituals Workshop by Sunita awakened that part of me, and created that reality for me which made me realise the worth of my own sense of being.Although I thought I was loving myself enough but somewhere I was begining to help others and be with them at the cost of my own self worth.This workshop truly woke me up and made me realise how much more I really needed to LOVE MYSELF.This workshop created wonderful new openings for me,literally,and I am ,by the grace of the Almighty successfully working towards those now.With Gratitude and all my Love.

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